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Newburgh Ministry
Habitat for Humanity
Mission trips to Biloxi, Mississippi
and Cochebamba Bolivia
Aiding the Children of Malawai

At Christmas we have a variety of projects that assist agencies and people here and abroad.




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We are a group of caring people who come together to celebrate God in His house. Being United Methodist it goes without saying that we love to sing and eat. We have programs to fit all ages and embrace those with special needs. As a church we are active in our local community providing a food pantry and a thrift shop. We would love to have you stop by, join us in worship and, hopefully, feel like this is your spiritual home. Our Pastor is Reverend Jeffrey L. Hooker and Minister of Music is Elissa L. Zahn.
Come join us some Sunday. You are always welcome in this house.


A Message from the Pastor

Greetings Beloved Church Family & Friends, Pentecost Sunday is May 20. It is a literally "red letter day” for the church, and we encourage everyone to wear something red to worship that day in honor of the celebration. Pentecost is so named because it is fifty days after Easter and the day when we remember the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the gathered disciples. It is sometimes called “the birthday of the church,” because according to Acts, this is what launched the Christian movement.

Pentecost was already a Jewish pilgrimage festival (which is why Jerusalem was full of people). It was also called the “Feast of Weeks,” or Shavuot. It celebrated the spring wheat harvest but by the first century, it also commemorated the giving of the Law to Israel on Mt. Sinai. The color red is associated with the tongues of fire that the disciples said rested on each of them (Acts 2:3). Fire also figured prominently in God’s appearance on Mt. Sinai (Exodus 24:17). The presence of God is also described as being like a rushing or mighty wind. This is not surprising, because the Hebrew word for Spirit also means “breath” and “wind.” Both of these images can be comforting: a fire warms a room on a chilly night and a cool breeze moderates the summer sun. But both fire and wind can be extremely destructive. Both can do great damage to life and property. Both, in fact, can be deadly. Most of us think about God more in terms of comfort than destruction. We generally pray for consolation rather than destruction.

But Pentecost is the day when it is surely right for us to consider God’s presence in our lives as disruptive. There is so much in our lives and in this world that needs to be shaken up and changed. Around the world, across Newburgh and not ever very far away, outside the walls of our church, people do not have enough to eat or safe places to call home. Oppression and its many forms continue to keep people from treating one another with respect and compassion. We are called to be a people who are not just bystanders but take action, action to bring the hope and love of Jesus Christ to our hurting world. Invite someone to church, call someone you haven’t seen, live out your call of discipleship, let the disruptive fire of Pentecost relight your spirit today.

In God's Service,

Reverend Jeffrey L. Hooker

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