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Mission trips to Biloxi, Mississippi
and Cochebamba Bolivia
Aiding the Children of Malawai

At Christmas we have a variety of projects that assist agencies and people here and abroad.




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We are a group of caring people who come together to celebrate God in His house. Being United Methodist it goes without saying that we love to sing and eat. We have programs to fit all ages and embrace those with special needs. As a church we are active in our local community providing a food pantry and a thrift shop. We would love to have you stop by, join us in worship and, hopefully, feel like this is your spiritual home. Our Pastor is Reverend Jeffrey L. Hooker and Minister of Music is Elissa L. Zahn.
Come join us some Sunday. You are always welcome in this house.


A Message from the Pastor

Greetings Beloved Church Family & Friends,

After a distinguished performing career, virtuoso violinist Jascha Heifetz accepted an appointment as professor of music at UCLA. Asked what had prompted his change of career, Heifetz replied: ''Violin playing is a perishable art. It must be passed on as a personal skill; otherwise it is lost.'' -Today in the Word, February 8, 1997, p. 15

''Radical'' is defined by Merriam-Webster as ''very different from the usual or traditional'' while the word ''discipleship'' is defined as ''one who accepts and assists in spreading the doctrines of another.'' If we connect these two words, the combination brings to mind many different questions. How often has the word ''discipleship'' come up and we are not quite sure what to think? Or we hear ''discipleship'' and it sounds like something passive we are supposed to do as followers of Jesus. Truly ask yourself when was the last time you actively participated in discipleship outside of a Sunday morning worship service? What is ''radical discipleship''? The image that this phrase brings to mind is changing the pace. ''Radical discipleship'' is no longer a passive ''sometimes'' kind of practice. If we are to be ''radical disciples'' we need to be those individuals who are not just living the ''Sunday discipleship'' kind of life. The message we have is far too precious, far too important to leave it to only a single day out of the week to train as disciples. The truth is that the way we have been doing discipleship so far may not be the best way. This is where we give room to try something new and in this case dare to learn, cultivate the skill, and practice ''radical discipleship.''

The idea of ''radical discipleship'' makes Christian discipleship a full contact, active participation, not a Sunday, but everyday practice for all of us. Far too often ''discipleship'' seems to have become almost taboo. A word we dare not speak, a practice we dare not engage in over fear of what that entails. What sort of skills must we develop, what commitments must we make, and what practices must we engage in order to be radical disciples? Don't sit on the side lines any longer, don't just be a weekend warrior, but let us change the pace together.
Let us learn how we can take our common understanding of discipleship and dare to be radical. Similarly to violin playing, radical discipleship is a perishable art -- it must be passed on as a skill. Come let us learn and grow together as radical disciples.

In God's Service,

Reverend Jeffrey L. Hooker

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